Hey everyone, this is going to be my first post in english, finally I decide to write some articles in english about all I really want, from Marketing to Travel for example. I´m not english speaker, my first language is spanish, so if you find out any “weird” word or bad sentence I´m sorry about that. Just give me a comment bellow this post and I´ll change it or even if you wanna know something or resolve doubts.

All your need to know to visit Cádiz

Anyway this first post is going to be about Cádiz. Where my father was born and where I spent the last 23 year of vacances, so I know this city very good and I know it´s very interesting for turism.

You knew that Cádiz is the oldest city in all Europe? Amazing eh?. Things like that and it´s beaches, Town center, people or weather are gonna impress you if you visit Cádiz. I´m pretty sure.

cadiz beaches

Cádiz has one of the best beaches ever, at least in Spain with Canarian islands. A huge beach with a nice soft sand, hot sea and nice weather. The beach begin at the beginning of Cadíz city and finish and the edge of Cádiz. You have to know that Cádiz is like an “Island”, all surrounded by sea except one part. Just check out this picture and you´ll see it.

cadiz spain views

What can I do in Cádiz? If you are fed up with sunbathe all day in those amazing beaches you can go to the Town Center. Where you´ll find out how are tipical andalucian streets. Also see the big Cathedral, get involved in the mediterrean enviorement or even eat some tipical tapas in a Bar sitting outside.

So, which are the best bars or places to eat in Cádiz?. All the best places are in the Town Center, so you have to go there and walk over those streets. There are many good bars, but I really love “Balandro”, or all the bars in “San Miguel Square”.

cadiz city town center cathedral

Do you wanna party in Cádiz? Andalusia if famous around the world for its party and clubs. It´s so tipical to buy your drinks before go into the clubs or pubs, and drink it outside, because there are public places done for the goverment to drink , curious, isn´t it?.

For example if you wanna party in Cádiz capital you have two options, in the town center, a place called “La Punta”, which means “The Edge” is the public place to drink and just down there you will find out 5-6 pubs and clubs to party. The other party place is just near the famous hotel “Playa victoria” by the beach, there is a street  just open in summer for it.

But the real party is not in Cádiz city, is in the surrounded towns like Conil, Puerto de Santamaría, Jerez o Chiclana. You´ll find there thousend of people around the world, really amazing.

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