keep calm and learn spanish improve

First of all I have to say I am not a teacher, I am just a normal guy trying to improve his english, so I´m giving you all these advices because of my experience with english.

Second of all, sorry for my writting english. I think it is a little bit better talked, but hey, here it comes the first advice, do not be afraid to make mistakes, go for it, make them, and learn about them. Do not ever think what the other people (spanish natives, friends, whoever) say about how do you talk or write.

But before all you need some basic grammar, learn at least some basic spanish vocabulary and some keys to “get” the language. Then what? Well.. What I´ve done, and I still doing is listening, but listening a lot, never stop listening. For example I usually watch at least an episode of a T.V. serie every single day (just look for spanish tv series on the internet), and if I have more time I try to watch movies or even youtuber from all over the world (to listen how different accents are). But please, this is really important, if you really want to improve or learn spanish or other language, you need to LISTEN EVERY DAY, at least 30 minutes.

And I promise you are going to see how you improve your spanish, but this is not a fast process, it is about months or years and you won´t get complete fluent in spanish unless you go to a spanish country and live there.

What else can I do to improve my Spanish? So, we already got “Basic Grammar and vocabulary”, “Don´t get afraid of what people think” and the most important one “Listening”. But of course you need to talk, that is part of a language.

Because of that you have to find people to exchange languages, you guys talk 30 min in english and then 30 min in spanish and you correct the mistakes and practice.

Other tip I am going to give you all is to talk to yourself in spanish as much as you can. For example, before going to sleep, try to remember and say everything that happened in the day, in spanish of course. And during the day use common sentences and think in spanish (this part better thinking that talking), this will be really usefull to get more fluent.

The last tip I want to share with you is similar to the last one, but you just have to record yourself talking, and then for example upload it on Youtube to get reviews.

This is all. If you have any doubt or question, just let me know down below with a comment and do your best with the spanish. Good luck.

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